About Yahya Batatawala

Adv. Yahya Batatawala

Yahya Batatawala is a practising advocate from Mumbai and Delhi having experience of more than five (5) years. Yahya Batatawala has experience of practice in variety of laws including but not limited to Commercial laws, Criminal laws, Arbitration, Rent Control Law, Family Law, etc. However, Yahya Batatawala has shifted his focus to specialised practise in following area of law:

1. Corporate Consultant and Advisor

2. Specialised Practice in National Company Law Tribunal in the matter of Companies Act, 2013

a. Section 241 & 242 (Oppression & Mismanagement),
b. Section 59 (Rectification of Register of Members),
c. Section 66 (Reduction of Share Capital)
d. Section 230 to 232 and 233 (Mergers, Demergers and Amalgamations),
e. Section 252 (Restoration of name of Struck off Companies),
f. Section 271 to 272 (Winding up)
g. Section 441 (Compounding of offences),
h. Shifting of Registered Office.
i. Conversion of Companies from Public to Private Company, Private to LLP and vice versa.
j. And all other matters under the Companies Act, 2013

3. Specialised Practice in National Company Law Tribunal in the matter of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016

a. Section 7 (for Financial Creditor),
b. Section 8 (issue of Demand Notice),
c. Section 9 (for Operational Creditor),
d. Section 10 (for Corporate Applicant),
e. Section 33 (Liquidation of Corporate Debtor),
f. Section 59 (Voluntary Liquidation)
g. Applying for Resolution Plans
h. and all other matters under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016

4. Assistance to Interim Resolution Professional/ Resolution Professional/ Liquidator in carrying out various Compliances in the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process and Liquidation process.

5. Drafting and Filing of Applications and Appearing on behalf of IRP/ RP/ Liquidator in Applications under Section 19, Section 31, Section 33, Section 43 to 54, Section 60(5), etc.

6. Drafting of Resolution Plans.

7. Conducting, handling and giving opinions to the Committee of Creditors

8. Specialised Practice in SEBI and Securities Appellate Tribunal

9. Secretarial Compliances and liasoning with ROC and RD Office

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